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About Us

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Heartland Castings' story is far more than making top-quality American-made parts since 1946.

Our American Dream

men quality control at work
Lady working die casting

Our die casting company was founded in 1946 by entrepreneurs with skilled laborers from many diverse cultures who successfully pursued their “American Dream”. 


This overarching dedication and commitment to making highest quality parts is still evident today at Heartland Castings. Established in 2014, each Heartland employee and staff demonstrates personal dedication, drive, and skill that helps Heartland Castings meet and exceed our customers' high expectations from an American company.


Our Mission at Heartland Castings Inc: 

  • exceed customer expectations every day 

  • build enduring, positive and mutually beneficial relationships with customers, employees and suppliers 

  • lay the foundation for the next generation of business owners

-- Welcome to our new generation of highly skilled workers at Heartland Castings LLC, Waterloo, IN who will treat you like one of our family!  Contact us now.

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